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highlights AND  accomplishments:

  • Led a large-scale rebranding for an organization with 6,000+ employees, enhancing the national presence.

  • Initiated and managed an email marketing program, resulting in a 42% increase in open rates and 3% in engagement.

  • Redesigned the website for optimal performance, reducing page count by 78% and increasing web traffic by 22%.

  • Positioned a historic organization as the leading provider of early intervention for children with autism in the Philadelphia area.

  • Produced impactful videos for grant and award submissions.

  • Developed a full-scale marketing plan for a new therapeutic program, including digital media and targeted email campaigns.

  • Launched a recruitment campaign that significantly raised career page traffic by 56.2% and applications by 19%.

  • Implemented social media strategies promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion to effect organizational change and engage employees.

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