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Hey there! I'm a savvy marketing and communications leader, specializing in smart brand strategies, directing creative efforts, and mixing things up with hybrid marketing.


TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER: Whether it’s through persuasive communication, or humanizing brands with a personal touch, creating narratives that resonate is my passion.

INNOVATING & ADAPTING: The mar/comm world is fast-paced and I'm all about keeping up, adapting, and staying ahead of the curve.
STRATEGIC WIZARDRY: I'm a planner, a doer, and a
dreamer. From the drawing board to the final execution, I connect the dots, inspire growth, and turn visions into tangible successes.
MASTERING THE MEDIA MIX: From traditional to digital, I create effective and impactful media and marketing solutions. 
DATA,TRENDS, & SEO: Analytics is my playground, social media trends my scoreboard, and SEO my secret weapon. If it's about optimizing for the web and beyond, I'm your person.
FROM PRINT TO PIXELS: My expertise spans across mediums. Crafting content for print? Check. Digital? Double-check. I create materials that don't just speak—they shout to the rooftops.
CONTENT CRAFTING: Whether it’s digital content, print materials, or anything in between, I excel in developing content that’s tailored to the message and audience. This includes everything from press releases and media kits to internal communications and engaging social media posts.
LEADERSHIP & COLLABORATION: I ensure that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Leading, collaborating, and bringing out the best in teams is what I do.
PUBLIC SPEAKING & SPECIAL EVENTS: Engaging audiences through public speaking and meticulously planning special events are part of my repertoire.
BUSINESS ACUMEN: Navigating business and budget development is second nature to me, ensuring strong industry reputations and establishing leadership positions.
THE EXTRA MILE: Public relations, crisis management, executive communications? These are not just tasks, they are adventures I embark on with zeal and precision.

*Samples of executive and crisis communications, press releases,
annual appeals, and grant writing 

are available upon request. 

*Member of American Marketing Association. 

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